Class 4 (10-11yrs)

Class 4 children feel at home in the space around them and this lends itself to lessons of mapping in Geography, Local History, tenses in the English language and area in Mathematics.

The number four itself is a sign of stability and strength and balance: the four winds, the four seasons, the four elements. Now, the children standing as individuals begin to try to work harmoniously together.

The Main Lesson

Main lesson is a uniquely immersive, thematic and interdisciplinary academic lesson led by the class teacher. Main lesson subjects are studied in “blocks” of time from three to four weeks.  At the end of a “block” of study, the subject rotates so that the block functions as a magnifying glass on a given subject over a period of time. This pattern of rotating main lesson blocks continues throughout the year.

The class teacher guides the learning of the main lesson content through a variety of activities that allow time for in-depth study and absorption of the material.

During the main lesson each child will create a guided written and artistic record of the content in a bound book, called the “main lesson book,” that can be used for future reference and is forever treasured by the children.

The main lesson bookwork itself constitutes a robust learning experience. In scholarly fashion, teachers and students work with original source materials instead of textbooks. Students learn to think and express themselves in a multitude of ways.  They gradually learn time management, reflection, comprehension, synthesis, critical thinking, and disciplined recall.

Academic subjects that are not the focus of the main lesson block are maintained through study during the instruction periods that follow the main lesson. Instruction is always ongoing in reading, writing and mathematics.

Some of the main lessons in Class 4 include:

Fractions and Decimals: These are introduced with concrete objects before forming mental and abstract concepts. Again, narrative is used to teach mathematical skills.

Norse mythology: Children learn about Odin, his adventures and other viking stories. These narratives are also used to teach other subjects such as Mathematics.

Study of the human being and animals: While this offers an opportunity to learn more about animals and how they are specialised, ultimately we learn about ourselves through other animals.

Language Studies – Irish and French 
Irish and French Language Studies are further developed with reading and writing in both languages. Irish and French origin handcrafts are also explored. 

Music studies are built upon and expanded with chamber music, structured improvisation, composition, conducting, and advanced music literacy.

The Primary School classes also follow the rhythm of the year and is filled with seasonal songs and games.

Sessions run five days a week from 9am – 2:40pm